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Are Landlords Responsible for Appliances?

I have been managing rental properties for more than 16 years. I have 70 rental properties and often have problems with an appliance. Are landlords responsible for appliances?

Landlords are typically responsible for repairing or replacing appliances included in the rental unit. Tenants are responsible for repairing appliances they bring into the rental property.

The responsibility is simple. When an appliance is included, the maintenance responsibility falls on the landlord. However, there are nuances, and I will cover them all in this article.

When is the Landlord Responsible for Appliances?

If the landlord supplies the appliances, they usually bear the responsibility of maintenance and repairs. After all, if the unit had certain appliances when the lease was signed, the tenant is implicitly paying for these appliances.

Sometimes, the landlord may not be responsible for appliances already in the unit. If the lease agreement explicitly states the landlord does not maintain the appliances, then the tenant takes on this responsibility. This is often the case when a previous tenant leaves the appliance. In these cases, the lease usually states that the tenant is taking ownership of the appliances.

When the landlord supplies the appliances, the tenant is still responsible for cleaning and properly maintaining them. In addition, if a tenant damages an appliance provided by the landlord, that may be on the hook for repair or replacement costs.

When is the Tenant Responsible for Appliances?

The tenant is responsible for maintenance and repairs when they own the appliance. The landlord bears no maintenance responsibility if a tenant purchases a washing machine and brings it into the rental property.

Sometimes, the appliance may already be in the property, but the landlord gives it to the tenant. As a tenant, if the landlord gives you the appliances, you can take them with you when you leave. Check the written lease agreement or the final word on who owns the appliances.

Is the Landlord Requried to Supply Appliances?

In most states, the landlord is not required to provide appliances. However, in states that require it, the landlord must supply the appliances and keep them in working order. In addition, the Section 8 Housing Voucher program

The requirement for providing appliances varies by state and municipality. In addition, landlord-tenant law can change, altering the rule. Be sure to check your state law and local housing authority regulations.

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Frequently asked Questions

  1. Who is responsible to your items in your apartment?

    The tenant is responsible for the personal items in the apartment. The landlord is responsible for the building structure of the apartment. As a tenant, it's a good idea to get renters insurance to cover your belongings.

  2. How often do landlords have to replace appliances?

    If the landlord is responsible for appliances, they must keep them in good working order. There is no set rule for how often the appliances must be replaced. However, an appliance must be repaired or replaced once it stops working.

  3. Can a landlord charge for broken appliances?

    If the landlord provides the appliances and the tenant damages them, the landlord can charge the tenant. If the tenant provides their own appliances, they own them and cannot be charged for broken appliances.


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