Don Chambers

My Background

I have been investing in real estate for more than 15 years. I currently have over 65 single-family rental properties and I also do a few flips each year. I own a property management company, with 2 employees, that primarily manages my properties. This makes me a small to medium real estate investor, and I have learned a lot doing this. I’ve learned the hard way; by making mistakes and losing money.

In addition to real estate investing, I own a small software consulting firm. I hold a Bachelors’s Master’s degree in Computer Science and I have worked as a software developer for more than 25 years. This background gives me an analytical approach to all professional endeavors. As a result, I strive to use data to make any investing decisions.

Why I made this site

Over the years of working in the software engineering field, I have seen firsthand that there is a plethora of information available on many technical topics. Information on learning a new programming language is plentiful and free. There are lots of sources to learn how to change your car’s oil, wire a light switch, or even ride a bike. However, there is almost no reliable information on real estate investing. Most of the information on real estate investing is geared around selling a product. I made this site to counter that.

What this site is for

I intended to use this site to share my experience in the real estate investing arena. I’ll strive to be concise and to the point, and I’ll never ask you to pay for real estate information. This is a place to share information and work together to learn all we can about investing in real estate. I’ll never try to sell a product, or ask you to pay for a seminar. I may add a few ads to the site to offset the hosting costs, but they will be minimal.

Never Pay for Real Estate Investing Advice