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Home » 03/24/23 – Crestwood – Renovation Continues

03/24/23 – Crestwood – Renovation Continues

The renovation on Crestwood is nearing completion. I have completed painting the interior and replacing all the carpets. Next week I will replace rotten wood on the deck and repair a broken window.

Here is a breakdown of the cost since my last report:

New Carpet: $1,707.01
Cleaning: $350.00
Materials: $85.00

Total: $2,142.01

This puts me at $108,852.68, investing in the house. Keep in mind that I have a handyman doing most of the work. I pay him a weekly salary, and it’s not included in this number. He handles tenants’ calls and does other work, and I don’t have a break out for what went to this property.

What’s Next

The next step is to complete the desk repair and list the property for sale. I ordered a window, but I can list the house before that arrives.



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