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03/17/23 – Williams Renovation is Still Paused

There has been very little progress on the Williams house. I moved my resources to the Crestwood house because it will be a more profitable flip, and I have more money tied up in that house.

New HVAC unit at Williams

Since the last update, a new HVAC has been installed, and I have bid for the kitchen cabinets and floor.

Here is a breakdown of what I have spent so far.

New Roof$7,150$7,150
Pest Control – Termite Treatment and Vapor Seal$1,400$1,508
Kitchen Cabinets$3,000
Remainder of Project$13,000$2,626.31

These are the items that make up the remainder of the project category.

  • Wiring Fee – $20
  • Manager Commission – $500
  • Landscaping and Clean out – $700
  • Material – $624.91
  • Property Insurance – $771.68
  • Utilities – $9.72

Om addition to this, I have accepted the following bids:

Kitchen Cabinets: $4,635.91
Flooring (entire house): $6,090.36

As a reminder, I paid $25,795.57 for the property, which puts me in the property at $57,665.87. It will not be finished at that point. I still need to paint, update fixtures, and make other minor repairs.

I am over budget. The kitchen cabinet cost more than I expected. However, my original estimate was to make it a rental, and now I’ve decided to make it a flip. For that, I am putting down more excellent flooring. I expect to invest about $65,000 in the house and should be able to sell it for about $100,000.

Update: The renovation is back on track.


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