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03/03/23 – Williams – Renovation has Stalled

I thought it was time for an update, but there has been no progress. The renovation on Williams has stalled.

I bought two more houses, which will be more lucrative flips. I moved my handyman to another house and am getting contractor bids to finish this house. The handyman is working on the house on Crestwood.

No more work was done on Williams, and I have invested $41,320.16. My goal is to be under $65,000 when I’m done. I still have to install an entire kitchen; cabinets, counters, sink, flooring, etc. After that, I need flooring throughout the house, paint inside and out, and replace all the fixtures. I think the kitchen will cost much more than the $3,000 I budgeted.

Update: The air conditioner has been installed..


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