Real Estate Investing Tips


I have been investing in Real Estate for about 5 years.  I have created this site to provide others with real estate investing tips

Tips for Rentals
I currently have 13 rentals and I will explain how I purchase and maintain these properties.  I owned these properties before starting this blog, but I will explain how I bought each one on them.  I will explain the lesson I learned, the problems I faced, and all the financial aspects.  If you are looking for real estate investing tips for rental properties I will show you everything I know.  You can even add comments and ask questions.

Here are my Top 10 real Estate Investing Tips for Rental Properties.

Tips for Flipping
I am new to flipping real estate.  I have been a landlord and started this blog to document to transition to flipping.  So, far I have purchased 2 properties that I intend to resale.  The bathroom hole house, and the eon house, which I expect to resale after completing the rehab work.  If you are looking for real estate investing tips that will help you flip house you can learn as I do – and benefit from my mistakes

Real Estate Investing Tips
I will explain the problems I encountered on my first house.
I will show you how I wasted money on my second house.
I will demonstrate how I made over $50k on one deal (hopefully – under contract now).
I will provide generic Real Estate Investing Tips for buying and managing your properties.

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