House Buying Website Up and Running

I have finally gotten my house buying website up and running. I consider this version 1.0 and it needs some work. However, it does explain how I can buy a house fast for cash and it can capture the lead information.
What is still needed:
Add an automated email to notify me when there is a lead.�
Revise wording to be more effective.
Learn and perform SEO to get the ranking high
Buy AdWords to generate traffic

Here is a link to the I’ll buy your house website.

Let me know what you think. Any critique is appreciated.

What am I doing?

This is my first post here at Real Estate Adventurer.

I have been investing in Real Estate for about five years now and it has been quite an adventure. I will be posting here as way to document my exploits and to ensure that I stay of track with my investment process. For a full explanation of what I am doing see: Why Am I Here?

I currently have a signed contract on a house and expect to close in the next week. I originally was buying this house as a rental, but I am now going to try to flip it. It will be my first flip and I will document the process right here.

I am starting my new approach with the quest for new leads. I am working on a new web site to generate leads and I plan to have it read by November 7th. Over the next few months I will add new lead generation techniques such as bandit signs, probate records, and maybe even a trailer purchase (Lonnie Deal). As I began to implement the new techniques I will explain my plan here, then I will follow up with the results.