Bathroom Hole House Finished

Most of the work is complete on the Bathroom Hole House.  So far I have spent $56,644.35.  I have some outstanding bills, some work on the heater is needed, and fixture replacements are probably required.  I also expect to find some small problems as I inspect the house closer.  I expect to spend another $3000 and I will be in the house under $60,000.  When the house sales I will give exact numbers, including carry costs. 

I have listed it with a realtor for $149,900.  The appraisal (required by the bank) was $162,000 but both the realtor and I feel that was high.  I am offering a $2,000 credit for appliances.

I have posted before and after picture below.
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EON house pictures and numbers

It took almost 6 months to close on this house.  I finally closed on December 29th but the house is now on hold while my crew finishes up on the Bathroom Hole House.  We should start work in early February.

I have taken pictures of the house and completed the repair list.  Here is a breakdown of the repair list:

Replace Stolen AC Units $6,500.00
Plumbing   $1,000.00
Flooring-Carpet,Linoluem,Laminate  $4,000.00
Paint – Interior and Outside Trim  $2,500.00
Landscaping  $200.00
Drywall work  $300.00
General Repairs  $2,300.00
Total   $16,800.00

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