Week 19,20,21,22,23,24,25, and 26 accomplishments

It has been several weeks since my last post.  I have been very busy with my JOB, taxes, a vacation, and I have had 3 offers accepted on houses.  I have lined up bank financing for two of them.  The third I am selling to a friend at my actual cost.  I close next week and I will post numbers, the negotiation process, and pictures then.

I am still trying to sell the bathroom hole house.  I had a contract but if fell through due to the inspection.  The inspector found 2 jacks holding up part of the floor.  I did not know they were there and I offered to fix it but the buyer still backed out.  I have now fixed it – it only cost me about $300.  I reduced the price a bit, to $145k, and the property has been back on the market about a month now.

The EON house is complete and I decided to rent it.  A tenant tracked me down before I even put a sign up.  It is rented for $1,000 per month and my payment is $435.  Pretty good cash flow on this one, so I decided not to sell it.  I will post after pictures and a walk through video in a few days.

Landlord Duties
I had one tenant disappear.  She called in March and asked for an extension on her rent.  I agreed because she asked in October and came through with her promise.  This time she did not.  In mid-April I went to the house and the power was off.  I went in and the living room was empty, but some bedrooms had mattresses and clothes in them.  A neighbor told me the tenant left and her children were using is as a ‘drug house’.

I was able to get in touch with the tenant using the references on her application.  I offered her $200 to get her stuff and clean the house up.  She did and I paid her.  I spent about $575 on additional cleanup and some minor repairs.  Within a week I had the house rented again at the same amount – $750.


Top 10 List for Investing in Rental Properties

I have been investing in rental real estate for several years and researching the field even longer.  I am now using my experience to compile a Top 10 list of tips for investing it rental properties.  This list is primarily for the rental investor but some of the items could apply to other investing techniques.

Here is my Top 10 list for investing in rental properties.

  1. Just Do It –  Research is fine but don’t overdo it.  You need to find a deal and buy a house. 
  2. Margin of Safety – Margin of Safety (the Ben Graham concept) means to buy low enough so that you can absorb mistakes.  Make sure you have room for unforeseen problems – they will occur.  When things go as expected this margin of safety becomes profits.
  3. Cash Flow – No positive cash flow – no purchase. Make sure the rent covers servicing the debt, property taxes, and insurance. My records show I spend about 25% of the gross rent for repairs and maintenance and vacancies – cover this too.
  4. True Costs – Your invested cost is not just the purchase price and repair cost.  You need to include carrying costs, closing costs, and many other expenses that vary from deal to deal.
  5. Sweet Spot – First, make sure you are buying house that rent for an amount many tenant are willing to pay.  You want a large prospective tenant pool so the house rents easily.  You can usually buy 2 properties that will rent for $750 for a lot less than a single property that will rent for $1,500 (actual numbers may vary in your area).
  6. Formulas – Avoid emotional decisions.  Make use of investing formulas so you can remain objective – and stick to the formulas.
  7. Just Fix Things – If something is broken then fix-it.  Don’t spend money on upgrades and remodeling.  These things may help a flip but that rarely help rentals.
  8. The Right Deal – Do not be in a rush to do-a-deal and lower your standard.  Wait for the right deal then act quickly.
  9. Hire Professionals – Sub out the rehab work – Do not do the physical work yourself. You may enjoy the work but the pressures of the schedule pressure will eventually burn you out.  And certainly do not rely on doing work yourself to make the numbers work.  If you have a lot of free time then use it to find more properties – not to sweat.  I have seen the problems caused by doing the work yourself.
  10. Numbers, Numbers, Numbers – Only the numbers matter. When the numbers don’t work let the deal go.  Don’t looks for other reason to buy the property.  No one ever lost money by buying to low.

I look forward to your comments.  What did I miss?  What did I get wrong?