Week 2 Accomplishments

Again, I did not accomplish as much as I planned. Here is what I did this week:

  1. Signed a contract on another house
  2. Made several blog entries
  3. Had an article published at bigger Pockets about reducing you rental headaches.
  4. Added content to my Sell Your House website – a landing page for investors, some articles, and the functionality to email me when I get a lead.
  5. Setup an adWords campaign which I will enable this weekend. I am trying to get traffic from people looking to buy (investors) or sell. I want the investors so I can wholesale some deals.


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Offer Accepted on Bathroom Hole House


My offer has been accepted on the Bathroom Hole house. Initially, I was not able to get into the house. A small bathroom window was open and I tried to climb in and I barely fit into the window. When I got half way in I saw a hole in the bathroom floor – right under the window. The hole was about 3’ X 1‘ and I would have fallen in if I climbed in. I have never been inside this house.

I conservatively estimate that this house will sell for $100,000 which I explained in a previous post. I will be getting it for $32,000. I do not have a detailed repair estimate, and I have not even been inside the house.

The Negotiation
I originally offered $23,500 as detailed in my original post. My agent had to enter the offer into a web site and there she found that there was another offer for $33,000 with no response.

I increased my offer to $30,000, but it would be cash, close in two weeks, 10% earnest money, and waive the inspection period. I was hoping this sure-deal would carry more weight that the $33k offer – or at least get a highest and best request.

The seller countered the next morning with $39k.

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