Week 3 Accomplishments

This is a short week. On Wednesday I left town to vist family so I did not get very much accomplished. Here is what I did this week:

  • Found a listing agent and scheduled a meeting for next week.
  • Got into the Bathroom Hole House and took pictures.
  • Setup an appointment for a pool repair person for next week.
  • Increased the money to my adWords campaign for finding leads and investors.

Landlord Duties

  • Setup a payment plan with a tenant.
  • Strived to setup a payment plan with another tenant but she did not show. I will file eviction when I get back in town unless there is a check in my box.

Next week I plan to order the bandit signs. I found a website and started designing a sign but I am not ready to order.


Bathroom Hole House Pictures

This weekend I got into the Bathroom Hole House and took some pictures.

I have made a video walkthrough of this house.

There are two major issues:

  1. The house as a separate apartment attached – a mother-in-law suite. This suite has two entries, one form the garage and one in the back. There is no way to get from the main house to the mother-in-law suite. The mother-in-law suite has a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. It also has a separate power meter. I am not sure what to do with it. Should I leave it as is, or open it to the rest of the house and remove the kitchen and extra power meter?
  2. I am not sure what to do about the pool. I have left messages with a couple of pool repair companies and I am waiting for call backs. I need a repair estimate before deciding if I will keep the pool, or fill it in.

I have contacted the top real estate agent in town about listing the house. She is going to meet me next Monday and give me her advice on this house. I hope she will give me some insight into which way to go with these two options.

Here is a picture of the pool:

Makes you want to take dip, doesn’t it?

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