Week 6 Accomplishments

I was very busy last week (and over the weekend) so my update is late.  I have still not ordered the bandit signs, but I did start the process this Monday (in week 7);  I will discuss it in a later post.  This week, I noticed two different bandit signs up in my area.  For the last few months there have not been any.  I procrastinated and now the competition is in.

This week I received a formal estimate, and had work started, on the Bathroom Hole House.  This estimate does not cover everything and I need to get a few more estimates.  I was given an estimate of $15,255 for most of the work to the house and an estimate of $2,860 for the AC unit.  I also have an estimate of $2,000 for filling in the pool.  Add purchase and closing to these estimates and I get a total of $52,794.25.  I expect to spend another $13,150 which is detailed in this post with an expected cost breakdown.  This will put me in the house just under $66,000 and I expect to sell it form more than $100,000.  That’s a pretty good return is everything goes as planned.

The Title work on the EON house is complete and I have been told we are waiting on a POW (Power Of Attorney) from the seller.  I have heard this before so I am not confident.

Landlord Duties
I filed a writ-of-possession on a tenant on Thursday and she called today.  She left a message asking me where her kids should live.  We are scheduled to move her out next Friday and she wanted one more week.  I told her to pay $400 and she could have the week – she owes over $2,000.  I told her if the money order is in my box on Thursday I will move the eviction back a week – if not it will go through as planned.  I will not cash it until she is out.

I filed eviction on another tenant on Thursday; her rent was due on the 5th and that was the 15th.  I mailed her a notice, and put a copy on her door, on the 10th and she never called me.  I usually work with the tenants if the call me, but not if they ignore more.  She was served on Friday and called me later that day and left a message.  I could barely understand her and she asked me to come to the house – she did not mention payment.  I assume that she wants to tell me the sob story in person so I just ignored it.  She needs to do better than that if she wants to stop the eviction.  If she pays she can stay, if not she must go.


2 thoughts on “Week 6 Accomplishments

  1. Asking where her kids should live.. Ha.. That’s a nice touch. Nothing like trying a little guilt trip. Tell her you know a great place where her kids could live…But it costs $2,000.

    • She called Tuesday and said she was not paying and would be out by Friday. Then today (Wednesday) she called and asked fro another week and said she had the money order.

      I called the constable to schedule the Friday move and he said they will not move families with children during the holidays – I have to wait until Jan 3. I guess I will accept her money order and give her another week.

      The other tenant, who wanted me to come to her house, had her daghter call. She explained that her mom was in the hospital and now cannot talk. She said they would pay by the end of the month. I cannot get the eviciton completed by then so I told them to pay and I would stop i – if not it will happened the first week of Jan.

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