Week 5 Accomplishments

This week, on Friday, I closed on the bathroom hole house.  I signed everything but we were waiting on a fax from the seller before the deal is officially closed.  The attorney will call me when it arrives, and then the deal will be complete.  For this reason I have to wait until next week to get the contractors working.  On Saturday, I will be meeting one contractor to go over the work.  I walked through the house today and made a video of the house.  I will do another walkthrough after the work is complete.

My extension on the eon house expired.  This is a Bank of America owned property and the title work is being done by a company called The Silk Companies.  The BoA asset manager and the listing agent cannot get anyone from silk to return their calls or emails.  I have spoken with my attorney but there is not much I can do.  It is still a good deal and I have paid for the appraisal so I will sign another extension and wait for them.  The credit union that is financing this deal wants me to pay them for the appraisal next week.

Landlord Duties
I showed my vacant 2 bedroom house but the tenant was not interested.  They did not give a specific reason but just said they had more houses to look at.

I also had another call about the house and they left a message.  Now I cannot get in touch with that person.

My tenant from last week told me she will not be following our deal.  I had already filed eviction and she has been served.  Her 7 day period to answer ends Wednesday.  I have given her until next Friday to leave voluntarily, if she does not I will file for a write of possession, and should have her out the next week.


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