Bathroom Hole House Pictures

This weekend I got into the Bathroom Hole House and took some pictures.

I have made a video walkthrough of this house.

There are two major issues:

  1. The house as a separate apartment attached – a mother-in-law suite. This suite has two entries, one form the garage and one in the back. There is no way to get from the main house to the mother-in-law suite. The mother-in-law suite has a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. It also has a separate power meter. I am not sure what to do with it. Should I leave it as is, or open it to the rest of the house and remove the kitchen and extra power meter?
  2. I am not sure what to do about the pool. I have left messages with a couple of pool repair companies and I am waiting for call backs. I need a repair estimate before deciding if I will keep the pool, or fill it in.

I have contacted the top real estate agent in town about listing the house. She is going to meet me next Monday and give me her advice on this house. I hope she will give me some insight into which way to go with these two options.

Here is a picture of the pool:

Makes you want to take dip, doesn’t it?

Here is the main part of the house:

It has a big yard that needs a lot of landscaping


And here is the mother in law suite.

There is no access from the main house into these rooms.

Feel free to comment on my approach. You can critique my method or ask questions.

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4 thoughts on “Bathroom Hole House Pictures

  1. Wow.. very dated design. Nice blue kitchen.. From a money standpoint, you’ll probably do better filling in the pool. And winter is coming, so you’re probably not going to fill it with water to sell the house. Did you check to see if the mother-in-law suite was permitted properly? The ceiling damage could end up being costly if it was caused by a water leak and that turned into a mold infestation. I’m interested in hearing what your final fix up cost will be. I’m guessing $20K excluding the pool.

    • Before getting into the house I had budgeted $30k as a rought estimate. I can fill in the pool for about $5k and next week I am getting estimates on fixing it.

      Next week I will also meet with a listing agent. I will use her to list the property when I sell it and I will get her opinion on the pool.

  2. I am a fan of baby blue.. But I had to pass on this gem given the size of the project. I think 20K would make it barely inhabitable without any real upgrades.

    • I’ll change the blue kitchen. I expect to spend about $30k-$35k on renovations depending on what I do with the pool. I should be in the house around $65k and sell it for about $100k. Based on the comps, $100k is conservative and it may go for more- one of the comps went for $153k.
      On Monday I have an appoint with a listing agent. She will advise me on the pool and suggest a listing price.

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