Week 2 Accomplishments

Again, I did not accomplish as much as I planned. Here is what I did this week:

  1. Signed a contract on another house
  2. Made several blog entries
  3. Had an article published at bigger Pockets about reducing you rental headaches.
  4. Added content to my Sell Your House website – a landing page for investors, some articles, and the functionality to email me when I get a lead.
  5. Setup an adWords campaign which I will enable this weekend. I am trying to get traffic from people looking to buy (investors) or sell. I want the investors so I can wholesale some deals.


I was supposed to order some bandit signs but never got around to it.

Here is what I plan to do next week:

  • Order Bandit Signs
  • Continue looking for financing

Land lording Duties

I have two tenants that are behind on the rent.

  1. One tenant verbally agreed to send $300 of the $750 rent and then catch up next week. When the partial payment arrived it was only $250. I sent her a demand letter asking for the remainder plus late fees, or to move out by next Tuesday. I know she has lost her job, and I do not want a vacant house. I will probably work with her if she can pay at least half of it. But if I get no response I will file eviction on Tuesday. (the house is in a bad neighboorhood and vandals strike when it is vacant)
  2. I have a house rented to a woman and her parents. The parents have moved out of state and she cannot afford the house. I have agreed to lower the rent from $750 to $700 and we will sign a new lease this weekend. Before the parents left she paid on time and I do not want the vacancy (and I think I will only get $650/$700 for it if I re-rent).

I also have one vacant house and I have shown it once this week. The prospect said they wanted it but did not have the deposit. Now they will not return my calls.

Feel free to comment on my approach. You can critique my method or ask questions.

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